Wednesday, November 29, 2006

What is SantaCon?

Many cities throughout the United States have celebrated SantaCon by organizing a mass gathering of people, dressed as Santa of course, on a Saturday morning in December for a pub crawl with naughty Christmas carols. Since SantaCon has never been done in St.Louis, a group of 20 and 30-somethings are going to kick it off this year! Hopefully, this will be the beginning of a wonderful relationship between St. Louis and Santa!

The first location of the SantaCon pub crawl will remain a secret until the wee hours of SantaCon morning. The mystery location will be posted on this site, along with naughty Christmas carols and other fun things- so check back and join the fun!

When? Saturday, December 16, 2006
Time? TBD (morning)
Where? Check back here the morning of December 16 to find the mystery location!

If you want to know more about SantaCon, here is the definition from Wikipedia:

SantaCon is a mass gathering of people dressed in cheap Santa Claus costumes, performing publicly on streets and in bars. The focus is on spontaneity, creativity, and the improvisational nature of human interaction while having a good time.

Variously known as Santarchy, Santa Rampage and the Red Menace, SantaCon events are noted for bawdy and harmless behavior, including the singing of naughty Christmas carols, and the giving of gifts. Some participants see SantaCon as a postmodern revival of Saturnalia, while others see the event as a precursor of the flash mob.
In 1994, the Cacophony Society staged the first SantaCon in San Francisco. Influenced by the surrealist movement, Discordianism, and other subversive art currents, the Cacophonists decided to celebrate the Yule season in a distinctly anti-commercial manner, by mixing guerrilla street theatre, pranksterism, and public intoxication.